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  5. "Hello, where are you from?"

"Hello, where are you from?"

Translation:Halo, kamu dari mana?

August 17, 2018



Are "kamu dari mana" and "dari mana kamu" equivalent?


"Dari mana kamu?" is also accepted. "Dari mana" is the interogative word, dari = from, mana = where. So, the interrogative "dari mana" is "from where" and means in English "where from".

Kamu dari mana (literally): You (are) from-where? Dari mana kamu: From-where you (are)?

The second one places the interogative word (dari mana) at the begining, I believe it's more formal.


You're definitely very helpful will make sure to read each of the comments. You're explaining is amazing.


Why is there the introduction of 'Anda'???


You Formal: Anda Informal: kamu, kau Very informal: lu


"Anda" is soooo formal. Don't use it, folks. Just stick with "kamu"

"Lu/elu/lo" is the most informal word for "you" but ONLY used by Jakartans. You have to have a special swag to use the word..


I think "Halo, dari manakah kamu berasal?" should be accepted


Correct. It sounds formal tho


Wouldn't "Dari mana(kah) kamu datang" be the same?
I know it's literally "Where do you come from?" but couldn't be used in this case?


The typing error 'kau' appears on the 'flash card' which leads to this comment area.


"Kau" is not a typing error. It's another form for "kamu", it's more informal than "kamu".

You can use "kau" or "engkau" very informally, with friends.


Formality (for one person):
Anda > kamu > kau.

If you speak French or Spanish, "Anda" is equivalent to the French polite vous, or the Spanish usted.

And there's also kalian, meaning a plural you.


can it be translated the way it is? instead of the correct answer, i typed in "halo, mana kamu dari?". is this wrong grammar?


Ofcourse it is wrong "mana kamu dari" we do not know what is it means, the word "mana" can always replace after "dari" so you can say "dari mana kamu" or "kamu dari mana" . It is the same meaning. Cmiiw


Native speaker here. I have no idea how grammar works in indonesian, but 'mana kamu dari' sounds gibberish.

but... if you put 'tadi' in the end of the sentence, it would be understandable... in a different meaning.

'mana kamu dari tadi?' would be 'where did you go?'


quite confusing w the other translation for this


The correct answer that is shown has a tipping error, it says "Halo, kau dari mana?", so it may be confusing


"Kau" as you should be accepted.

But remember, "kau" sounds too harsh for some people. Instead, just use "kamu"


Huhhh aku yg asli indo masak pke berasal ya:'(


"Berasal" is also possible here. Berasal means "to be orinated from/to be from".

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