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  5. "Saya makan sarapan saya."

"Saya makan sarapan saya."

Translation:I eat my breakfast.

August 17, 2018



so i assume 'saya' becomes 'my' when it comes after a noun?


Yes. In Indonesian language, both "I" and "my" are "saya"


seems like it Teh kamu = your tea Teh saya = my tea Teh kami = our tea Teh mereka = their tea


Can the present continuous be used here as well? "I am eating my breakfast"


Yes it would be fine, but a better translation of "i am eating my breakfast" would be "saya sedang makan sarapan saya". "sedang" in indonesian means "currently" if it's used to explain time, and means "medium" to explain level as in low-medium-high. Sorry my english isn't that good, tried my best to explain it!


For past tense "i ate my breakfast" you would want to add "sudah", as it means "already". "saya sudah makan sarapan saya" can mean both "i already ate my breakfast" (or is it "i ate my breakfast already"?) and "i ate my breakfast", since in indonesian we don't have a past present and future form of words/verb.


Would be awesome if someone answered....


Could I say 'sarapanku' instead of 'sarapan saya' here?


Can you please introduce the vocabulary BEFORE it appears in LISTENING lessons? I have no idea what I'm listening to, so how am I even supposed to spell it, let alone understand what I'm typing? >:P

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No, you have to read the Tips first yourself. It provides all the topics and resources involved in a lesson.

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