"Saya suka kopi dingin."

Translation:I like cold coffee.

August 17, 2018

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Is this the usual way one would refer to iced coffee, or would that be es kopi, like es teh?


Is this the usual way one would refer to iced coffee, or would that be es kopi, like es teh?

That would be "es kopi" , "es teh" , "es cendol", "es kopyor", "es teler".
That would be the way to refer to iced drinks.


Cold coffee is like you put the coffee in the refrigerator then you serve it while it's cold. While iced coffee is a glass of coffee with ice in it. Anyway I loooooooove iced coffee and cold coffee a lot !


Not a native English speaker but isn't "I like coffee cold" a more natural way to express that?


To my ears, I like coffee cold means I am still interested in drinking coffee made hot when it becomes cold. I like cold coffee means I like coffee that was made to be drunk cold. That's just the connotation to my ears, though.


If the coffee was purposefully cold though would you not say "Saya suka es kopi"?


Who says this? I like iced coffee! Look on the Starbuck menu. Its NOT called "cold coffee"


There's a difference between iced drinks and cold drinks that are not iced.


I agree, though you can find the difference in my dialect of American English in my comment above. I have tea in my refrigerator, and if I pour it into a glass even without ice, it would still be iced tea. The same would hold true for coffee, but not soda, wine, beer, milk, water, or any other drink usually drunk cold.

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