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  5. "Saya mencoba menurut."

"Saya mencoba menurut."

Translation:I try to obey.

August 17, 2018



Maybe native speakers want to weigh in here, but when I learned "menurut" in class, we only used it to mean "according to".

I don't know whether or not it means "obey", but online dictionaries give me "mematuhi" or "taat". Can someone confirm whether "menurut" is used this way?


Can someone confirm whether "menurut" is used this way?

Yes, it can be used this way.
"menurut" has several meanings.
You're right that "menurut" can mean "according to".
It can also mean "to obey".

See here :

3) v melakukan apa yang diperintahkan

to do what you were ordered to.
That's one of the meanings of the word.


I agree that obey means "mematuhi(based on 'patuh' " or "taat" but i think according to means "berdasarkan"


Why not 'i try to follow'? It says that menurut can mean to follow as well


I try to comply?

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