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  5. "Saya membeli sayur dan buah."

"Saya membeli sayur dan buah."

Translation:I am buying vegetables and fruits.

August 17, 2018



"I buy vegetables and fruit" jawaban yang benar


Agreed. Fruit does not need the "s" to be plural in English.


Why is the interlingual mistake "Saya buy vegetables and fruit." not accepted? Saya demand an explanation!


Because you could plug in any original language word you don't know, rather than translating it.

If the lesson wants to teach "buah" as "fruit" and you put "I buy buah", that doesn't show that you actually know what the word means.

Yes, you can be expected to know "saya" by now, but requiring a full translation is good for consistency throughout the course.


Agreed. Vegetable needs to be plural here.

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