"Prvního června tady nebyla."

Translation:She was not here on the first of June.

August 17, 2018

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"She was not here the first of june" should be correct.


Completely agree.


It's quite common for the "on" to be dropped in this kind of sentence (particularly in spoken American English I think) but I'm not sure it's considered grammatically correct.


Agree too. You said this 2 years ago and it is still incorrect.


She was not here the first of June has been marked incorrect. Why? The ‘on’ is not necessary in English!


To me (native AmE), none of these would be strange, but some might be more commonly used than others, especially the AmE/BrE date variants:

-- She wasn't/was not here ON the first of June.
-- She wasn't/was not here the first of June.
-- She wasn't/was not here June first (June 1/June 1st/1 June /1st June.
-- She wasn't/was not here ON June first (June 1/June 1st/1 June /1st June).


But still not accepted! Thx


For my edification, what case is června in?


Maybe a stupid question, but could this also mean "There was no first of June here." -> like it did not happen at all for whatever reason, we skipped over it in the calendar?


No, it cannot.

"There was no first of June here." -> "První červen tady nebyl." or eventually (but less clearly I think) "Prvního června tady nebylo."

You use "Je prvního června." or "Je první červen.". The first uses some implicit "it"/"ono" as a subject and the date is in genitive. The other just puts the month in the subject and "červen" is masculine.


Makes sense, thank you very much! :)

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