"Mereka mengisi tas mereka dengan pisang dan kacang."

Translation:They fill their bags with bananas and peanuts.

August 17, 2018



"Kacang" can be various types of nuts right?

August 17, 2018


i think that nuts generally may be 'kacang-kacangan'...

August 25, 2018


I was also wondering why bags and nuts are not in plural form?

October 19, 2018


World literally means bean but is also used for some of nuts. For example peas (kacang hijau = 'green beans'), kidney bean (kacang merah = 'red bean'), cashew (kacang mete). If 'kacang' is without any aditional word, usually points on peanut. Peanut full name is kacang tanah.

August 29, 2018


Epic prank, bro! Now they'll wonder if they accidentally took the bag of a monkey and left their bag for the monkey to take! Classic!

August 27, 2018


Why is there a need for "mereka" before dengan

January 8, 2019


It's part of the noun-phrase (tas mereka), specifying that the bag that was filled was "Their bag"

Without it, we could be talking about any bag or bags.

January 8, 2019
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