"This one is on every table in the different restaurants."

Translation:Dieser liegt auf jedem Tisch in den verschiedenen Restaurants.

March 29, 2013

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I sometimes worry that, in order to get the points, Duo is requiring us to memorize sentences that aren't representative and may be overly complicated, such as this one.


I don't find this overly complicated. It is a long sentence, but it can be translated word by word and it requires understanding of singular (auf jedem Tisch) and plural (in den verschiedenen Restaurants) of the dative case.


Could it also work "Diese liegt..." instead of "Dieser liegt..."? I mean, if the subject were a feminine noun, like die Schuessel for example, would the pronoun be "diese"?


I have tried "Dies" and it was wrong. Can you explain me? I thougt that since I don't know the subject, I can use neutral.


"Dies" is not neutral. Neutral would be "Dieses". I think all the three: dieser, diese, dieses should be accepted for this sentence.

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