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"Comment allez-vous dans votre nouvelle entreprise ?"

Translation:How are you doing in your new firm?

March 29, 2013


[deactivated user]

    It seems to me that, in English, this sentence is perfectly acceptable both as "How are you doing IN your new business," and "How're you doing WITH your new business." They are interchangeable.


    Same in French, I think, but rather with "ça va" : comment ça va dans votre nouvelle entreprise ?


    I wrote “how are you doing in your new business” and it was rejected. I have reported it.


    That's exactly what i wrote


    Sorry; all I could think of for a moment was "How are you doing in your new starship?"


    Haha, that's what I was thinking as well!


    The new Enterprises are not as good as the old Enterprise.


    Shouldn't we hear the "t" in "comment" in this case?


    It would be much nicer, actually.


    What is wrong with "business"?

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    I had the idea that nouvel had to be used with the next word starting with 'e'?


    yes, if this word is masculine.

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    Of course. Thanks very much


    What is wrong with "getting along in"? We often say it that way in English. I don't see any difference between "getting on" and "getting along in", but was marked wrong.


    How is "firm" the same as "business" as a translation for "enterprise"?


    Normally, liaison is forbidden after interrogative adverbs, like "comment". But the only exception is “Comment allez-vous?“, in which case, liaison is required after “comment”. So there is supposed to be a liaison in this sentence. Am I getting this right?


    "Comment allez-vous ?" being a fixed phrase and a polite question, it had to sound nicely, hence the T liaison before "allez".


    Hi Sitesurf, when i read the french sentence i was assuming that this was addressed to someone who had started a new business, but the duo translation is "how are you doing in your new firm". if i heard that in English I would assume that the person had just started a new job (ie was at a new firm). could this sentence be used in both contexts in french?


    Yes, both cases are compatible with the French sentence, but more generally this would be about someone having started a new job in a firm which is new to him/her.

    However, we can be more precise if the person started a new firm:

    • comment va ta nouvelle entreprise ? = how is your new firm/business doing?


    thanks as always for the helpful clarification :) now i am wondering if a more accurate translation to english would be "how are you doing in your new job?" or "how are you doing at the new company/firm?". to my ear the "your" in the translation above implies that the person being addressed owns the business. i would be more likely to use the first sentence, but if i was wanting to emphasize that it is a move to a new company rather than a new job within the same company i might use the second one. the tricky thing about the second sentence is that new could be understood as being a company that had just been started.


    I think that basically this question means "are you happy in your new professional environment?".

    We will never know if "you" started a new job, a new firm or both, and it does not really matter since the question is about the person, not the job or company.


    Definitely we appreciate Sitesurf and learn about so much...


    I wrote 'How goes your new business' and it was marked wrong. That is the way I would normally say it. It may be a little casuat butthat is what people say.


    The question is not about how your business is going, but about how you are doing in your new firm/business/work place.

    "How does your new business go?" = comment va votre nouvelle entreprise ?


    The French "enterprise" can mean business, company, enterprise, undertaking, firm, venture. Not sure how many of these Duo actually accepts.

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