"Ini bola saya."

Translation:This is my ball.

August 18, 2018

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This ball is mine?


"This ball is mine" means:

  • Bola ini milikku.
  • Bola ini milik saya.
  • Bola ini punyaku.
  • Bola ini punya saya.


this is my ball, this ball is mine mean the same...


Well, yes. But the sentence structure is different, so...


The problem is that sometimes these variations are accepted and sometimes Duo is very strict. Indonesian and English don't translate well one to one so it makes sense to have a bit more flexibility when it comes to translations. I see what they are trying to do in this exercise but it feels unnecessarily forced.


Arguably, but "This is my ball" is the best translation.


I also wrote this ball is mine. These possessive lessons are killing me!


It's easy. Chill.

I = saya / aku.

Example: I am Tom = Saya Tom

My + noun = noun + saya / noun + (-ku).

Example: This is my ball = Ini bola saya / Ini bolaku

Mine = milik saya / milikku / punya saya /punyaku

Example: This ball is mine = Bola ini milik saya


Thanks for the explanation! It's useful :)


In English, "This ball is mine" and "This is my ball" mean exactly the same thing. Either one should be correct for "Ini bola saya."


In English, my is an adjective and mine is a pronoun. Actually, "this ball is mine" is a shortcut for "this ball is my ball". Would you say "this is my ball" and "this ball is my ball" are exactly the same thing ?

You have a very similar nuance in Indonesian. If you want to translate the pronoun, it's better to use milik: think of it as "belonging to + noun or pronoun" (but not an adjective).


Sorry, but i broke it

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