"Kucing saya sedikit."

Translation:I have a few cats.

August 18, 2018

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So, "My little cat" would be "kucing kecilku," correct?

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Thank you.


why is punya not used here?


Punya does mean to have, but in some Indonesian sentences it is implied that you have said thing. In this case it is implied that you have a few cats, so no need for punya here. Though you can put it and still be marked correct, in Indonesian speak it is not needed as it is already implied.


Sedikit means few ... kecil means small. Sometimes similar words can be interchanged but sedikit for little or small seemed wrong ... so I checked with my Indo wife. Result ... sedikit only means few, never small.


no native English speaker would say, 'my cats are few'. they would be more likely to say, 'i have a few cats'


I guess that's the literal translation. I've seen that a number of phrases are like "my cats are few" and you have to figure out it means, "I have a few cats". Not sure if that is a Duolingo thing or just the best translation they can do with it.


"Kucing saya sedikit" literally means "My cats are few".


Saya punya sedikit kucing!!


I was thinking about this phrase too. Apakah betul?



Please report it.


This sentence shows both "I have a few cats" and "I have few cats" and unless I mixed something up, those sentences are quite different.

I answered "I have several cats" and it was rejected.

Is this sentence closer to "I have several cats" or "I do not have many cats" (like, I have only 3, my grandma has 14)?


It is my understanding that "sedikit" can only be used with things that can't be counted, and that you should actually use "beberapa" for things that can be counted, such as cats. Can a native Indonesian speaker confirm?


Does 'sedikit' also mean 'a little'? I gave this reply countless times in Indonesia when asked if I can speak Indonesian. My answer of 'My cat is little' was marked as wrong.


"a little" as in "I speak a little Indoesian" means something different to "I have a little cat".

The first sentence refers to a small amount of something, the second sentence refers to something being small. So the Indonesian translations are different.

You would not want to say "I have a small amount of cat".


But "I have a small amount of catS". So would "Kucing-kucing saya sedikit" work? :p


No, the fullstop at the end indicates that they want a full sentence and that a copula (is/have) is implied.


I have a few cats = Aku punya beberapa (sedikit) kucing.

Kucing saya sedikit = I have a small/little (amount) cats.


Ooh a few in the Filipino language Bicolano is dikit! It's kaunti/konti in Tagalog :o

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