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  5. "你有太多要求!"


Translation:You have too many requests!

August 18, 2018



Too many demands?


Demands and requests are actually two different vocabularies of different extremes. To show this, consider the following vocabularies

  • 要求: request
  • 需求: demand

Even though one can think of 要求 as "demand" because of the word 求, 要 has a light emphasis on 求 (meaning "to beg/request").

需 has heavier emphasis on 求 since 需 is derived from its complement 需要 (meaning "to need").

Though words can have alternatives for translations, the most appropriate translation depends on the accuracy of the hanzis in any form of communication. So English and Chinese may or may not have the same type of expressions of words.


"... too many demands" was accepted for me.


Does this mean too many people are requesting things from us or we are making too many requests on others ??


I think it means you are making too many requests of others


What does this mean?


In this context, It might be said to a teacher, meaning "you have too many requirements". But it could also be said to someone who is always asking you for something. "You ask too much!"


"You have too many standards" rejected


You are too demanding.

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