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  5. "Jumlahnya sepuluh."

"Jumlahnya sepuluh."

Translation:The sum is ten.

August 18, 2018



So this is not the third person possessive -nya ending?


I'm just a fellow "student" here, so by no means an expert, but in numerous places it occurred already that the "nya" ending meant "the", just like "itu" in the sentence "buku itu baru", which can mean "that book is new" or "the book is new" and can also written as "Bukunya baru"


Including 'nya' on the end can also mean 'his / her' as well as 'the', e.g. 'mobilnya' can be 'the car', 'his car' or 'her car' and the context would (should) be clear within the communication.

I am also a 'student' of bahasa Indonesia, saya orang Inggris.


I think it is. Maybe "its sum" or "the sum of the thing". Hopefully someone who knows can inform both of us :)

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