"You and I."

Translation:Aku dan kamu.

August 18, 2018

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what is the difference between saya/aku and kamu/anda/kalian? when is this explained?


Saya ans Anda are formal forms of I and You. When speaking in formal situations (school, office's, government etc) you use these forms. When speaking to your friends or people you know well you would use Aku and Kamu. Also you always capitalize Anda/Aku because in Indonesian the other person is more important unlike english where we capitalize I.


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Should be kamu dan aku


The duo lingo is wrong please fix it, because the answer should be "kamu dan aku"


Ok. I get it now.


Kita means you and i


Kita means we collectively, as in infusing the one you are speaking to, so yes Kita here would be You and I.

Kami is when you're talking about your group to someone else who isn't included. So you use Kami for example when you are telling a train conductor that you and your friend are going to Jakarta station, or a waiter about what you and your friends want to order.

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And yet Duolingo doesn't accept it as an answer here for some unknown reason.


You and I are formed to be "we". So that, "Kita" or "Kami" are we

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    Kita is correct, but kami is wrong because it means that "we" does not include you


    This is incorrect


    I thing the correct questions is " I and You " because the choice answer the correct is " saya dan kamu"


    You = kamu, I = saya. R u kidding duolingo?

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      I answered 'Anda dan aku' which is correct.


      The English structure is "you and I", but the Indonesian structure is "I and you".

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