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"I am strong because I drink milk."

Translation:Saya kuat karena saya minum susu.

August 18, 2018



What’s the difference between “sebab” and “karena”?


Interestingly, these two words seem to sort of follow the pattern that بسبب 'bisabab' and لأن 'li'ana' do in Arabic. Bisabab is used as a non-sentence explanation like أحب هذا بلد بسبب الطقس 'I like this country because of the weather' whereas li'ana is used when your explanation is more of a sentence like أحب هذا بلد لأني أحب الطقس 'I like this country because I like the weather'.


TBH, they probably got this word from Arabic hundreds of years ago.


Suddenly "sebab" pops up out of the blue while repeating !!! Never learned this word before.


Why throw in sebab without ever teaching us this word?


I tried "Saya adalah kuat karena saya minum susu." I understand that "adalah" is not needed, but is it wrong here?


The verb "to be" is not always translated in Indonesian. For adjective, we seldom or even never use "ada"; "adalah".


Why is 'soalnya' not accepted in place of karena?


"Soalnya" is very informal and is used in conversation only. We may not use it in formal things, e.g. in writing.

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