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  5. "Dari toko ke bank."

"Dari toko ke bank."

Translation:From the shop to the bank.

August 18, 2018



This would be 'From the shop to the bank'. But it's not a full sentence – you would actually say something like 'She goes from the shop to the bank.


It might not be a perfect English translation but I like this kind of word for word translations. Makes it easier for me to learn.


Where did you see her walk? From the shop to the bank. Out of context, but correct. I'm not sure this section is provided to discuss English. English is not the only language on the planet, it's merely a tool to learn other languages here, and this sentence makes perfect sense in certain contexts also in other languages.


Is bank pronounced with the aspirated k in Indonesian, or is it like in Korean where the Koreans don't pronounce it?


Wrong for plural "shops"

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