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  5. "Selamat malam, salam."

"Selamat malam, salam."

Translation:Good evening, greetings.

August 18, 2018



I LOVE that this accepted, "Good evening. Peace." First sense of orientation in this lesson. I guess saying hi and bye has a lot of layers in Indonesian, huh?


Hi, all. What is the difference in usage between selamat siang, selamat sore and selamat malam?


Hi Hiranx! From what I read on this site, the difference in usage between them is

  • "Selamat pagi!" is used at 04:00 till 10:00
  • "Selamat siang!" is used at 10:00 till 14:00
  • "Selamat sore!" is used at 14:00 till 18:30
  • "Selamat malam!" is used at 18:30 till 04:00
  • "Selamat petang!" is used at 16:30 till 18:30, and it's used in a formal condition

Sorry for my bad English


Hi yogastorow. Thank you very much for your comprehensive reply. Much appreciate it.

Your English is very good but please permit me to point out the one error I noticed, and that is that the time periods should have been in a "from xx:xx till/to xx:xx" format. 'At' is specific to a particular time e.g. "I get up at 06:00".

See also https://www.usingenglish.com/forum/threads/23552-From-to-till.

Hope this helps!


From what ive learned is siang and sore mean good afternoon, while malam is evening/night. And selamat pagi is good morning. Hope that helps.


Hi having lived in Indonesia siang was used for the middle of the day (lunch) sore for more afternoon/early evening (tea) and malam for night (dinner) but I noticed on this app they used sore for night when greeting. So perhaps malam is only used for night - when departing. But this use may be colloquial to regions.


Should 'goodnight' also be correct? I was under the impression that it could be either at the time (malam during night)


Pagi=morning Sore/siang=afternoon Malam=night/evening.


"Good night" is counted as correct, but for some reason, the perfectly good English "Goodnight", although still counted as correct, is marked as having missed a space!


Thata what I typed isnt it?


so why is greetings, good evening wrong?


In English nobody really says Greetings (unless they were not native speakers or thespians) they would normally say Hello

Also malam is evening- is it not used on greeting just on departure?


Selamat malam itu aturan good night

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