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  5. "Dia ada di sekolah."

"Dia ada di sekolah."

Translation:She is at school.

August 18, 2018



She is in school should also be correct.


"She is in school " = accepted now.

I see the following answers being suggested as well :
"She is at the school"
"She is in the school"

My English teacher taught me that the article was not needed.
The dictionaries that I use, also don't use the definite article.
https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/school https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/school

My question is :
Is it grammatically correct to use the definite article here ?
If yes, what is the difference in meaning when using/omitting the definite article ?


It's still correct English, but the meaning is different. 'At school' means she is attending class, while 'at the school' means she is physically present at a specific school.


Since you could say 'dia di sekolah' and it would have the same meaning, i assume adding 'ada' underlines that he/she IS at school? am i right?


Pronunciation of "ada"? It sounds like /adia/ or /adya/.



You pronounce it as it is written.


What is the difference between She is in school or She is at school? She is in the school was my answer and it was concerned wrong.

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