French Car vs. Parce que


<pre>Donc j'apprends le Francais. Mais je ne sais pas si je devrais utiliser 'car' ou 'parce que'. Quand devrais-je utiliser 'car' ou 'parce que' . </pre>

"So I am learning french. But I don't know if I should you 'car' or 'parce que'. When should I use 'car' or 'parce que'.

Sorry If that was terrible I am not that good at french as you can tell. Please feel free to comment if I made any mistakes in my writing above.

August 18, 2018


"Parce que" introduces a cause. "Car" gives a justification or explanation, and is more formal, cannot start a sentence, and is used mostly in written French. It's closer to "since" or "for" in English, like in "Pack your things, for tomorrow we leave," while "parce que" is less formal and closer to "because".

August 18, 2018

If you ask yourself this question, it's because you already speak French very well.

In France, there is not one person in a hundred who can tell the difference between the two words.

Very often both words are interchangeable.

None French, orally (none) will make you notice if you use one for the other.

In reality "parce que" is the most frequently used.

An example where "parce que" can not be used.

Jean est à Paris car je l'ai vu hier.

On ne peut pas répondre à la question "pourquoi".

Pourquoi Jean est à Paris ? Parce que....................... on ne sait pas.

Indeed, seeing him is not the reason he is in Paris.

On the other hand.

J'ai vu Jean hier parce qu'il est à Paris.

Pourquoi as-tu vu Jean ? Parce qu'il est à Paris.

The reason I saw him is that he is in Paris.

A council, look for a grammar course on online learning sites for advanced students.

I hope I was a little clear.

August 18, 2018

Merci beaucoup ! C'était un problème pour moi aussi. Maintenant je le comprend bien ! :-) Votre explication est très claire avec les examples.

August 18, 2018

Pierre, merci beaucoup pour une bonne explication

pour moi aussi, ça ce n’était pas assez clair.. J’ai regardé que parfois on utilise "car " plutôt que "parce que" quand on écrit, et "parce que" à l’oral..

But I did not know that it cannot be used in certain cases ,like you just explained, merci bien!

August 18, 2018
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