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  5. "Selamat sore, terima kasih."

"Selamat sore, terima kasih."

Translation:Good afternoon, thank you.

August 18, 2018



Through colonial Dutch from French soirée, evening


Is there a difference between selamat sore and selamat siang?


Yes kind of. I think the order (in time) of the words have something to do with the hours between praying. Or at least that's what I heard. I'm really not sure about that but it makes me remembering it easier.

In order: Pagi, Siang, Sore, Malam, Tidur.

Siang is more "noon" or "early afternoon", and Sore is "late afternoon" until dawn.


Thanks for the list - it's made remembering them all a lot easier!


Usually we consider 3 pm to 6 pm as "sore", and consider the time before "sore" and after morning as "siang". Some people would consider AM time as "pagi" or morning and only consider the time starting 12pm as "siang", but personally i consider "siang" starts at 10am and ends at 3pm.


Yes. Indonesians have for times per day! Pagi 8- 11 siang until 3 sore until 6 and malam. Not 100% sure if the time i mentioned is 100% correct


In this lesson, if you put "good evening" for "Selamat Sore", sometimes you get wrong and sometimes you get correct. When it's wrong, they show the correct answer as "good afternoon".


Its not used as good afternoon but means a special time 2 or three pm until 6pmfrom then on you say malam or selamat malam


Do native speakers every abbreviate selamat?


Sometimes they swallow the e...slamat or only say pagi, siang, sore or malam implying the selamat


Hai dari orang Malaysia.. Gonna learn my neighbor's language in detail :)

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