"Biasanya, Tini pulang paling malam."

Translation:Usually, Tini goes home the last at night.

August 18, 2018

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I think the translation is not natural.


This still hasn't been changed? I fail on this one everytime because the English is so wrong. "Usually, Tini is the last to go home at night" should be accepted.


Should be "Usually, Tini goes home the latest"


Just as acceptable should be "Tini is usually the latest to go home."


No should be "Usually, Tini is the latest to go home ".


thank you for fixing this translation up guys, but i note that the original english translation of 'usually, tini goes home the most late' is still offered as a correct solution. it isn't correct english, nor does the sentence have an intelligible meaning in english. while no native english speaker would ever write that, it certainly should not be offered as a possible correct solution.


Once again, when this English translation has been reported as incorrect to duolingo since months, nothing is done to change it. Duolingo, you are a language app. When your users are giving valuable feedback on poor use of language, why do you take no notice?


i'm uncomfortable with the translation 'latest' here, because usually that is synonymous with 'most recent' or 'up-to-date'.

if the intended meaning is that tini usually goes home after everyone else, then i'd suggest 'usually, tini is the last to go home'.

edit: it seems the meaning is actually 'late at night' . see the discussion here, https://www.duolingo.com/comment/28849777.


Late, later, latest. Easy, easier, easiest. You don't say most easy, you say easiest.

You don't use most late because that's what latest is.

But, it does depend a bit on the intention of the original sentence.


Yes but lili is right: "latest" usually means something different, ie "most recent", as in "the latest chart-topper from NOAH". It is more natural to say "last" because of that.


Tini is the last to go home.


What is wrong with "Usually Tini returns home last at night."


Because he doesn't necessarily return ;) just go home...


Duo doesnt listen to comments. People have been reporting the poor English translation of this phrase since 2019. The Indonesian course (which i finished 12 months ago) has not been updated in 2 years - trust me i know as i have 997 days uninterrupted and many more before this streak. Never mind 'legendary' status, add some new lessons. I used to pay for Duo, but i stopped because of the lack of their progress.


Could it be, "Usually, Tini is the latest to go home."


This is an unnatural translation and should be rewritten


"Usually, Tini is the last to go home at night" should be the correct translation in English in my understanding. Am I wrong?


Usually, Tini goes home late at night


Can "malam" be used alone to mean simply late?


No, I don't think so. It's meaning is mainly the equivalent of 'evening'. My guess is you wouldn't use this sentence in Indonesian in the context of a night shift.


Malam.... in the evening ? Why is that wrong?


All the English in Indonesian here is so bad


Tini goes home at night the last is also ok?


This is so frustrating.... should be a way to allow for correct English

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