"Selamat jalan, sampai jumpa lagi."

Translation:Goodbye, until we meet again.

August 18, 2018

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    I think 'Goodbye, see you later' should also be acceptable. At least in American English it is used more often than 'see you again'


    Usually you wouldn't use these 2 in conjunction with each other. 'Selamat Jalan' is for when the other person (the person being spoken to) is leaving to go somewhere (typically on a journey as japan means travel) and you will remain. Whereas sampai jumpa is more like 'see you later' meaning that you will see the other person shortly after.


    Indonesia explain.


    I like how in Duolingo it doesn't explain the differences with all the different 'Goodbyes'...


    If you see the hover definition of each word instead of the whole expression you can kind of get the idea, and duolingo doesn't usually explain anything, after all it's just to teach you the basics of the language and not to be the only resource you should use.


    I'm pretty sure some people also use "sampai ketemu lagi" as "until we meet again".


    What is the meaning of lagi then? Because I think its weird to say, Selamat jalan, and then again sampai jumpa


    found out lagi means again. You're welcome :)

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