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  5. "Tá seachtó ainmhí sa zú."

" seachtó ainmhí sa zú."

Translation:There are seventy animals in the zoo.

August 18, 2018



There's actually a zoo in China that only has one animal. A small dog. It's a ❤❤❤❤ zoo.


seachtu is seventh seachto is seventy She said seachtu


She quite clearly says "seachtó" - the difference between the final ó and final ú is actually quite noticeable...you can test for yourself here: seachtó and seachtú

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Funnily enough, I was about to post exactly the same thing, with the same links, as I clearly heard seachtó when I listened to this exercise on my phone. But when I listened again on my laptop, I realized that yes, the unemphasised ó ending could be misinterpreted as an unemphasised ú.

As seachtú doesn't make any sense in this context, I "hear" seachtó.

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