"Siapa nama kamu?"

Translation:What is your name?

August 18, 2018

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Siapa litteraly means who What litteraly means apa

In Indonesian culture we say "siapa namamu?" Because name indicates the person and its personality.


So, it means literally "Who is your name?"
Like with the name a separate entity...
I wonder if it doesn't take its root in the old animistic religions, that were before islam.

This article (in Indonesian) confirms what you said:

So it explains why it's an error to say "Apa nama kamu?"


Interesting article. I think this root is from Hinduism/Buddhism.


Quite confusing so far

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    would it represent the same if you use: apa nama kamu?

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      Yes you can. But, that is rude in Indonesian culture. Better to use siapa "nama kamu?"


      Shouldn't it be "Siapa nama anda" if you want it to be more polite?


      Can you say nama kamu siapa?

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        Yes, you can. This is also possible. In spoken form, Indonesian people use "ya?" at the end of the question like this.

        "Nama kamu siapa, ya?" The purpose of "ya" is to make it softer and more polite? However, Indonesian use "kamu" to address a person in a case that they have already make a conversation for some times but they forget to introduce themselves properly. Otherwise, it is going to be rude. They will rather use "anda" for formal and first time conversation.


        In this case, is "ya" an address like "Ô you", like in Arabic, but Arabic use it rather at the beginning "Ya Muhammad!".
        or is it from "iya" (yes)?

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          "Ya" simply means Yes. But in this case, the word "Ya" is added as particle of the sentence. It isn't translated. The addition of ya is to make the sentence have a feel of politeness actually. However, not all questions can use ya as thr particle of the sentence.

          This is the meaning of particle: Grammar. (in some languages) one of the major form classes, or parts of speech, consisting of words that are neither nouns nor verbs, or of all uninflected words, or the like.

          In Bahasa Indonesia, the particles are lah, toh, bah, nian, etc...


          What's the difference between this and "Siapa namamu?"


          Gue ketinggalan "is" nya


          My name is Zakiyah


          Memakai 'what' karena 'name' adalah benda 'Who' digunakan menanyakan siapa (orang)


          Is this more formal than "Apa nama kamu?" or the last one isn't the right way to say it (doesn't mean aything in Indonesian language)?


          Gw yg orang indo aja, kadang salah ngejawab nya

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