"Penjual makanan menjual makanan."

Translation:A food seller sells food.

August 18, 2018

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We need an article (a or the) to start off this sentence.


there isn't really a correct way to write that article, because Indonesian doesn't really have two different words for the and a, but if they could make an article on which situations to start it on, or put both in the word bank and accept multiple answers that would be nice


"the food seller sells food"


i think the plural 'food sellers sell food' should also be acceptable here.


Yeah, I think as a general rule, using the plural whenever you can so you skip the article is going to help you test out of skills better. Although I guess the whole point of us deciding to use this course in the beta is to help pick up those little mistakes, so we should be actively looking for them. :/


I'm not sure what you are getting at. What Lili wrote clearly would not help one "test out" better, since it was not accepted. The contributors don't have English usage down perfectly, which is, indeed, why we should do the beta and report any change needed. I don't, however, see a consistent use of the plural or the singular as something they are doing.


Yeah, I understand that in this particular case, the plural wouldn't work. Simply saying they accept the plural as an alternative translation more consistently than they accept different variations on article use. Using the plural would by no means return the kind of results you'd hope for either, though. :/


Report: The English sentence is incorrect or unnatural.


hi guys!

i've finally returned to this question in the exercises. it is great to see that so many of the suggestions made in these discussion have been implemented.

however, when i tested out the plural option again, i am still marked wrong. i am more than happy to be incorrect, because that way i learn something i obviously didn't understand. but i'm not sure i get why 'food sellers sell food' is not accepted...


In the later lessons aka anything past the first checkpoint they don't accept or have many awnsers that allow the plural form, which is kinda annoying tbh.


I agree, an article is needed here, either 'a' or 'the'


Unless one translates it with the plural as "food sellers."


I know, right? But it would have surprised me more if he didn't sell any food.


This is a perfect exercise to understand different prefixes though.


Say this as fast as you can!


Hahaa my thoughts exactly!


"The food seller sells food" sounds a lot more natural


Food seller sells food, would be a headline in a newspaper..

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