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"Saya mau bertemu dengan pemiliknya."

Translation:I want to meet with the owner.

August 18, 2018



"I want to meet the owner"


I guess it refers to the employer of a domestic helper. In some languages, the same word is used for an owner, a master (vs a servant), a husband, etc.


the suggested correct translation i saw was: 'i want to meet with her owner'.

i am wondering in what context in english we would refer to someone as having an owner, unless we are referring to animal pets. 'the owner' or 'the proprietor' would be seem better ways to translate 'pemiliknya'.


The -nya suffix can mean his or her, but also its. Or the -nya suffix also functions like the definite article, the, in English.


Sometimes a car is referred to as 'she' by rev-heads

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