"Mereka berada di sana."

Translation:They are there.

August 18, 2018

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What's the difference between "ada" and "berada"?


I heard from another user that "ada" and "berada" mean the exact same thing ("to be, to exist"). I think he said that "berada" is a tad more formal, though.


I want to know too.
Mereka ada di sana is correct or not?


It is correct, and more commonly used in daily conversations. "ber-" is usually left out in daily conversations. But if you're writing a formal essay, using "ber-" is better.


"berada" is more formal.


There has to be at least a vague difference! I can’t accept someone just added that ber- for being posh.

Ada is much older, you’ll find its cognates everywhere in the Austronesian languages (Ilocano wadá/addá, Hawaiian ola, etc). Very unfair if ada has become “less correct” than berada!

Somebody said that berada is even more about location than ada. That makes sense? I can’t recall any verb pair in my native Finnish that helps me understand this, but voilà! The Swedish language comes to help.

ada = finnas

berada = befinna sig

As an extra help, there happens to be that little be!

If you use befinna sig in vain, you will sound overly stiff. Like “Jag befinner mig hemma”, I’m located at home. Saya berapa di rumah.

Finnas (literally, to be found), is more like ”exist”, but if you say ”Jag finns hemma”, it means ”I am available at home.”

In Indonesian, it might be more commonplace to use ada than it is in Swedish to use finnas when telling a location—however, berapa is even more about location, whereas apa, to exist, can sometimes have the connotation of “to be available at.”

Did I get it all wrong?


in addition I believe that ber- is used to transform an noun into a verb, like with usia for example: Usia saya dua puluh tahun. - - > Saya berusia dua puluh tahun. :)


I think you're right. "Jalan" is 'walk.NOUN'. Putting "ber-" in front of "jalan" makes it a verb, but I don't think this works with all nouns.


Because this is the ber section thats why you have to practice using berada even if ada is acceptable


Hrsnya "they are over there" klo they are there tu lbh ke mereka ada..duolingo,please fix this


When do i use Berada and Ada ??


Does it mean the same if we leave out the ada or berada?


Jalan is a verb, toch? Kamu mau jalan ke pasar?


How would one say: "There they are"?


Why not "Mereka di sana" ?

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