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Newest app extremely unstable on iPhone

Whenever I finish a lesson on my iPhone, the course invariably seems to hang at the first lesson completed screen. I then have to manually restart the app. When I do, I usually have the progress from the lesson I just completed, but not always. I do not seem to have this same problem with the app on iPad. Is it just me, or are there any fixes in the works?


May 3, 2014



It works fine on my iPhone. What version of iOS are you using? And what version of iPhone is it? This info would be vital for the programmers to isolate any problems.


I have an iPhone 5S and the most recent version of iOS7 (fully updated). And actually, I've noticed that the problem is that it consistently hangs after I do a practice session, but does not hang after I do a new lesson. Very annoying, and I hope it gets fixed.


Yes, me too! I can't practice other lessons. I can only do new ones. It's very disappointing because I really need to continue practicing weak skills.


I am having the exact same problem on my iPhone4s with iOS 7.1.1. It has been doing this ever since the latest Duolingo update and no matter how many different way I try to delete, reinstall, restart my iPhone, etc. the problem remains. Very frustrating!


I have an android phone, and it does not seem to communicate with the website to log my progress - it won't let me progress in lessons, and the 'shortcut' won't help either!! How do you restart the app?

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