"The girl eats the banana."

Translation:लड़की केला खाती है।

August 18, 2018

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when making a selection i would like to hear the hindi phrase associated with it this alphabet is not familiar to me and i am learning a whole new sound set and i feel any ways that can reinforce the sound set would be great


repeat the letters section until you start to learn them. just recognizing the first character of each word is usually enough.


I agree! I find it very hard do read the Hindi words, and hearing them out loud helps so much


The way I did it was to write down the consonants in groups of five over and over again, adding new groups each day.


"laadki kela khaati hai". Girl eats banana. The English definite article 'the' has not been accounted for. Would it be appropriate to commence this sentence with "Ye". Please forgive me if this was already explained and I missed it. While I am here I express my grateful thanks to the compilers of the Hindi lessons. Thank you all. I am enjoying the course.


Hindi does not have a definite article. The word for 'one', एक, serves as the indefinite article but is used sparingly in Hindi (when compared to English). So, the absence of an article may denote definiteness or indefiniteness, depending on the context.

You can use Ye in this sentence - यह लड़की केला खाती है - but it would mean 'This girl eats a/the banana'


Yes, I have the same question - is using a definite article ("the") not needed here?


I think the programmers/designers of the course don't look in here. This is just a user discussion.


One thing I'd like to say to new Hindi learners, romanizations are not good if you want to learn how the letters sound. It would be better if you focus more on listening Hindi than to romanize it thats because English has many accents. Eg, the letter र sounds like r but British and American and German (+every other lang) pronounciations of it are different than the Indian pronounciation of r. Indians speak 'r' in a slightly different way. The tongue touches the roots of your frontmost incisors. That's the sound of र. Another very important example, ट is romanised as 't' (which is wrong) because that's how Indians prounounce the 't'. But if you hear and American saying the letter 't' it sounds EXACTLY like the hindi letter 'ठ' and not 'ट'. A reason people romanise ट as t might be that Hindi speakers (mostly Indians) dont say 't' like the British or Americans do, they rather pronounce t as ट.

If that was too much for you, here's a summary: FOCUS ON THE WAY THE LETTERS SOUND. FORGET ABOUT THE ROMANIZATIONS.


Yaa... Same question...


I was confused about the fem. "Khaati" used as the verb "drink". Is it gender to the person "girl" instead of the object "banana", which is masculine? Or is it because "girl" is the subject and "banana" is the object of the sentence?


It is agreeing with the gender of 'girl' which is the subject.


The word खाती is for the subject which is girl and as the girl is feminine खाती is used here


Seems kind of inappropriate but mkay


Since kelaa is the object in this sentence, shouldn't it be in the oblique case i.e. kele?


The oblique case is only for objects of a postposition.

Since केला is the direct object of a verb here, it is not in the oblique case.


केले is plural of the word केला Or the sentence can be लड़की केले को खाती है (which does not sound really okay but can be said)


Please, as i chose a word, could you please put the sound of the word? It would give me assurance , il would be so helpful for memorising. We only have stranges letters. Please help.


My name is Gauri it's saying that neha reads full stop peter drinks if it's setence why is there a full stop in the middle??


It sounds like लड़की is the name of the person


No it means "girl"


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