"Berapa lusin telur? Selusin."

Translation:How many dozen eggs? One dozen.

August 18, 2018

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For an alternate English translation" "How many dozen eggs? One dozen." Colloquial, but common :)


I agree it was my answer.


of course !


We need to be able to report the poor English, because getting Indonesian lessons wrong because we use "normal" English is a bit ridiculous.


I agree with the sentiments expressed above and also with the other comments. No native English speaker would say, 'how many dozens of eggs'. I find it particularly aggravating that I have to repeat many times all these incorrect English sentences. I cannot complete some of the exercises because I refuse to say, 'his hats are ten', instead of, 'he has ten hats', or whatever the noun is.


It is common where I am.


I too am getting frustrated with not be able to pass lessons because of the English tense I use. It was fun at first, but now it is getting tiring. Please find a way to add all tenses in the English phrases.


UK native speakers would usually say "How many dozen". It is just as common to say "one dozen" as "a dozen".


Another poor English translation


This one I always mess up. There is a long pause after the end of the question and "Selusin". So I've already started typing and my brain filters out the spoken answer.

This sentence could be split into two, or the pause should be made a bit shorter.


The translation should be How many dozen eggs


Dozens of eggs in this context is just wrong!


I put one instead of a and it marked me wrong and caused me to lose my test out I am so angery.


Bloody stupid question. No-one speaks like that.

[deactivated user]

    I recently moved to Yogyakarta. When I buy eggs and ask for a dozen 'selusin telur' I just get puzzled looks. They never use lusin. Eggs are sold in KG here.


    Haha. Good one.


    Before selusin was "a dozen". Now it is "one dozen" i get that it is "a" dozen or one dozen..maybe they are just testing us extra. I would think they would fix this. But maybe they are sublimenally planting a and one in our heads..hehehe!


    12 eggs or 144? I'm perfectly fine with the English sentence structure, although i do find it semantically ambiguous. I instinctively interpret the reply as meaning a total of 144 eggs, i.e a dozen dozens, but I'm not sure if that is the common interpretation.. I'd like to know if the interpretation of this abiguity differs from culture to culture... Any thoughts? How do you interpret it and where are you from? :)

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