"Dia lebih tinggi daripada saya."

Translation:She is taller than me.

August 18, 2018

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Shouldn't that be "she is taller than I"?


Shouldn't that be "she is taller than I"?


She is taller than me.

She is taller than I am.


Comparative adjectives: using than

We use than when we mention the second person or thing in the comparison. If the second person mentioned takes the form of a personal pronoun, we normally use the object form of the pronoun (me, you, him, her, us, them):

Could you carry this? You’re stronger than me.

Not: You’re stronger than I.

Why did you choose Robert? Marie is more experienced than him.

In more formal situations, instead of than + object pronoun, we can use than + subject pronoun + be:

You managed to answer the ten questions correctly? Well, you’re definitely cleverer than I am!

I preferred Henrietta to Dennis. She was always more sociable than he was.


The comparative form is used for comparing two people or things:

He is taller than me.


Thanks for the explanation!


"She is taller than me" sounds more colloquial.


Taller than I

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