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  5. "Kamu dari mana?"

"Kamu dari mana?"

Translation:Where are you from?

August 18, 2018



"From whence do you hail?" apparently does not work.


In other questions it said it was "dari mana kamu?". So i used a few online translators and it seems "dari mana kamu?" = where were you? And "kamu dari mana?" = where do you come from?. Can a native speaker confirm?


Actually "dari mana kamu?" and "kamu dari mana?" are the same question regardless of the position of "kamu/you".

We, Indonesian, had a tendency to throw grammar out of window and just proceed to ignore its whole existence when we communicated with each other and still able to understand the context of conversation.


No you don't. Your grammar is just different. Alternatively you could say that every native speaker ignores grammar's existence, and yet effortlessly nails it.

Similarly many Chinese claim their language has no grammar only to be confused by foreigners' incorrect grammar.


Wpuld "Dari mana Kamu" be acceptable?


Mana-personality. A personified archetypal image of a supernatural force.



Why is where do you come from wrong


You may report it. But "Kamu dari mana?" or "Dari mana kamu?" has an implicit meaning "Where were you recently?".


why is this wrong this is the same thing i work i don't know how many times


i cant move to the next level because it says I am wrong but i know i am write because i write the same thing they have on the screen


Kamu dari mana when i write it in English where are you from . it keeps telling i am wrong but yet prints it on the screen the same way as what it means now i am pissed of so i am done

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