"How much is a pile?"

Translation:Fungu moja ni shilingi ngapi?

August 18, 2018

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Sometimes they need "ni", sometimes not. Is there any particular rule?


Why isn't "fungu moja ni bei gani" accepted?


I stay confused. Why is "Fungu moja ni bei gani" not accepted?


Why is fungo moja ni bei gani wrong


is it just me or does the translation have little resemblance to 'how much is a pile' which could ask how big is the pile, how much material constitutes a pile....the further I get into the course, the more of these 'errors' or at least questionable translations I am finding.


David, understand that in Real Life, a Tanzanian [ or any African, i suppose ] will set a pile according to no set standards


You could go the shilingi route, but this form is totally different then using just ngapi or bei


The qiestion should be: What is the cost of a pile? This would avoid ambiguity. You will never learn Swahili using this App. I use an App JW.org which has a variety of information from simple to advanced that you can read or listen to and actuallyunderstand what is being said. It has over a thousand languages and you can juxtapose languages to see the text in more than one language simultaneously.

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