"Mereka tidak berani pergi ke bagian terdalam kolam."

Translation:They do not dare go to the deepest part of the pool.

August 18, 2018

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Meaning: They do not dare go to the deepest end of the pool.

I think that this translation is missing another "to" (after the word "dare").

I think it should be like this :

They do not dare to go to the deepest end of the pool.


Actually it's fine without it.

For example, a bad guy in a cartoon will generally say

"WHO DARES DEFY ME" rather than "who dares TO defy me"


A minor point: since there is usually only one deep end and one shallow end in a pool, they are not often used in superlative form. (Deep end, or deeper end would be common; deepest end is not.)


deep end = bagian dalam
deeper end = bagian yang lebih dalam
deepest end = bagian yang paling dalam
deepest end = bagian yang terdalam
deepest end = bagian terdalam


The deepest part of a swimming pool is generally just referred to as "The deep end".

So this sentence could be translated as either "They don't dare go to the deep end of the pool." OR "They don't dare go to the deepest part of the pool."


How can we say "deeper end of the pool" and "end of the deeper pool"?


Well i even cant understant clearly english mean this app is expecting to me understand indonesian mean


Are “bagian kolam (yang) terdalam “ correct too ?


The translation is wrong. It should be "They do not dare TO go to the deepest part of the pool" or "They do not dare goING to the deepest part of the pool".


No. Your first sentence is fine, but so is the current one. See my comment under Rick39236's above. Your second sentence is not grammatical English.

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