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"Terima kasih dan selamat tinggal."

Translation:Thank you and goodbye.

August 18, 2018



Again (!), the instruction is not specific enough. "Selamat tinggal" is what the person who is leaving says to the person who is staying. " The person who is staying can say "Selamat jalan."


I was wondering about this with the translation of "Selemat jalan", since it seems to refer to the road, or journey ahead of the person leaving. Thanks, for explaining this. :)


You are exactly right. "Jalan" literally means road. Jalan-jalan is to go for a walk. So Selamat jalan can be said at any time someone is going away.


What are the contexts for all these different ways of saying goodbye?


tinggal = to stay
jalan = to go

So if you're going away, you say to the people who are staying, Selamat tinggal. *** If you're staying, you say to the people who are leaving, Selamat jalan. This is very basic and should be explained right up front in the program.


My question too. Seems like there's more content in all these Indonesian phrases than contemporary English "Goodbyes"... Or is the point of the lessons here that all these words are basically equivalent to English "goodbye" in contemporary Indonesian use? "Goodbye" itself could probably be translated literally to something like "Good pathways"...


If it was accepted and even offered to say "bye" for "selamat tinggal" - it should be accepted here, too, not only "goodbye"


Bye is the same as goodbye!


True, but it is less formal.


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