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  5. "He eats apples."

"He eats apples."

Translation:Dia makan apel.

August 18, 2018



What's the difference between dia and ia?


Dia refers to a person (He/She). Ia refers to non-human (Animals/Objects etc). To refer Dia as a person is considered rude.


In Standard Malay, dia is almost exclusively used as a pronoun for living beings while ia is mainly for non living things--although the latter can be used for both. In Standard Indonesian dia is synonymous with ia, but the latter is much less common, and ia is not used as a pronoun (we use noun+determiner instead).

In daily speech, ia is almost nonexistent.


Just curious, would ia be used in the situation where you refer to something as a she, for example a ship?


Yes in Standard Malay, but not in Standard Indonesian (I personally would use kapal ini/itu/tersebut 'this/that/said ship'). Both dia and ia are almost exclusively used for living things in Indonesian.


I looked this up on Wiktionary:

https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dia#Indonesian https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ia#Indonesian

It says that 'ia' is a genderless third person pronoun (he/she). I am interested in seeing how and when this is used...


Dia is the same as ia...


There is a D next to Dia and no Ia


In my language "siya" can both mean he/she.


Apples is plural, so why not apel-apel here?


If the sentence is "he eats apples", then usually indonesian doesn't specify "apel-apel", because "eats apples", 'eats' is already plural


In English, "eats" is simply the third person present tense indicative form of "to eat." It has nothing to do with the direct object being singular or plural. He eats an apple, he eats apples, etc. But as for the Indonesian, thanks for your response.

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