"Mereka dibentuk oleh pelayan."

Translation:They are formed by servants.

August 18, 2018

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What is the meaning of this sentence?


I don't understand it either. I like this course, but I would like it more if it had sentences that made more sense. I get that it's just been produced, but you'd think they'd make more relevant sentences in the first place. This is so vague and makes it hard to remember the verb since it has no context whatsoever.


Other possible english words for dibentuk = formed, molded. The sentence definitely needs some changes though. It is strange. Definitely needs more context to make more sense.


Could refer to clay sculptures. My first impression was it referred to the children of working parents who are left in the care of nannies during their formative years, but maybe that's not how to use dibentuk


I think your first impression is right because another sentence is 'anak-anak dibentuk oleh keluarga mereka', children are shaped by their families


Thanks I got it now


The issue is I tried to answer that they are shaped by their servants, and they found it wrong. But yeah I agree with your reasoning


It seems that cultural, economic and life-style idiosyncracies played into the context of the sentence. My take on this is that many families in Indonesia (especially the well-to-do ones) have servants to help around the house. Many of these servants stay with a family for many many years and the children in the family would grow up having these servants around them all the time (in some cases 24 hours a day); so, there is this notion that as they grow up their attitude, perspective and outlook in life are being shaped by their daily interactions with the servants.


You are completely right. I understood this as the meaning as well, but they could definitely use a better sentence for learning the language. This one isn't wrong, it's just confusing without that context. Even just changing pelayan to pengalaman would make a lot more sense for learning for a foreigner.


I agree. I don't find these sentences confusing (amusing, rather). People complain too much lol!


This is a really clear explanation - thank you.


Just a suggestion - shuffle the set of 'dibentuk' sentences up to a higher level. It just seems more useful at a higher/deeper level of conversation. Many of us are still strugging with the high frequency verbs


Aren't shaped and formed the same thing?


This sentence is weird.


The subject is missing. What is being shaped or molded? Correct that with a subject. Cake = Kueh or tempe or something? That is why the sentence is absolutely nonsense.


It's not nonsense, it just needs context. but plenty of sentences are still valid sentences without context. See discussion above for useful meanings.


In an Indonesian-Japanese dictionary I have, menbentuk means "形成する (=form)" and "結成する (=organize)". If this sentence changed to "They are organized by servants", it would relatively make sense. (I know still weird though...)


"formed" and "organized"mean totally different things to English native speakers. This sentences does make sense.

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