"Sekolah kami ditutup oleh pangeran."

Translation:Our school is closed by the prince.

August 18, 2018



"Our school WAS closed by THE/A prince."

August 18, 2018


I disagree with the tense having to be the past - this cannot be obtained without more context. However the english translation definitely needs a particle prior to 'prince'. Unless they are talking about Pangeran (or artist formerly known as Prince) :D

August 22, 2018


To use the present tense you need more words - 'This school is closed by the order of the prince'. 'The school is now closed'.

As a standalone sentence, it is reflective of a decision the prince has already made and is being reported on. Therefore you have to use either past simple or present perfect.

September 11, 2018

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This was my teenage fantasy.

August 30, 2018


Seems this section has forgotten about articles. I agree with the others, it should be "the prince", unless it is the name of a person.

September 3, 2018
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