"Sekolah kami ditutup oleh pangeran."

Translation:Our school is closed by the prince.

August 18, 2018

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"Our school WAS closed by THE/A prince."


I disagree with the tense having to be the past - this cannot be obtained without more context. However the english translation definitely needs a particle prior to 'prince'. Unless they are talking about Pangeran (or artist formerly known as Prince) :D


To use the present tense you need more words - 'This school is closed by the order of the prince'. 'The school is now closed'.

As a standalone sentence, it is reflective of a decision the prince has already made and is being reported on. Therefore you have to use either past simple or present perfect.


Please don’t forget this is Indonesian, not English. The sentence is out of context, so whatever tense goes.

What are some uses of passive voice in Indonesian? Why are di-verbs so common?

Here’s a very good comment. Absolutely fascinating, read it thoroughly and try to see di- in this way:



This was my teenage fantasy.


Could duolingo please start to use more useful examples of people in their phrases? I suspect that we will not be meeting a prince, a king or a queen in our travels in Indonesia, but more likely people of many different professions you could more usefully introduce. Thanks

  • It’s not Duolingo’s task to decree where we use Indonesian. Maybe I’m living in an absolute monarchy, our school is closed by a prince, I’m going to tell it to an Indonesian or Malay speaker.

  • Maybe you will stumble over that very sentence in a historical article.

  • Maybe you need it when telling a fairytale?

  • There was a skill called “Jobs” just before. Now we can easily say “Our school was closed by a baker.”

  • Feel free to change every word and apply this structrure wherever you need. This comment was written by a cat.


Seems this section has forgotten about articles. I agree with the others, it should be "the prince", unless it is the name of a person.


wow. Where I live (Australia) a member of the royal Family would open a school. Closure of a school is a very sad thing


That happened in a fairy tail obviously


I cant figure out when it's a or the on this app


Pangeran on google translate can be Lord or, Prince.


Such useful vocabulary


Definitely! Sekolah might be a blessing. Without kami or kita, very quiet. Ditutup can be good or bad, but it’s pretty basic vocabulary. Oleh is not necessary here, but you will need it another time. Brunei pangerans are in the headlines every day.


our school was closed by prince = false our school was closed by the prince = true... why

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