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  5. "mach SomrawDu'lIj."

"mach SomrawDu'lIj."

Translation:Your muscles are small.

August 18, 2018



vabDot bIpep'e'?


Remember that -'e' is a noun suffix and can't go on a verb. I'm also not sure I understand what pep might mean without an object. What were you trying to say?


He's going for Do you even lift?

Lift is an English idiom for lift weights for exercise. I see that this intransitive usage has not made its way to dictionary.com. I would not translate this literally.

I might go for something like vabDot mI'meH nagh Dalo''a'? Do you even use exercise stones? We don't know what Klingons would call weights for exercise.


"Have you tried lifting things, comrade?" is the approximation of the idiomatic western colloquialism, yaS!

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