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"Ini bukan jantung, tapi otak."

Translation:This is not a heart, but a brain.

August 18, 2018



It should be "This is not the heart, but the brain".


That's right, unless it's talking about food


Ni bkn jantung, tp otak!?

Terjemahan Bahasa Inggris yg buruk!!


The English is so wrong in this section that I will never get past it. I refuse to use incorrect English


i admit it is rather frustrating and very slow having to learn incorrect english in order to complete the exercises.

hopefully the more users report these errors, the sooner the course administrators can become confident in making the necessary updates to the database. then learning indonesian with duolingo can become a smoother experience for all.

kudos to the course team for putting this together though. it has been long overdue that indonesian should come to duolingo, and it has no doubt required a lot of work and dedication to reach this point. i look forward to completing the course and improving my indonesian in the process! terima kasih banyak :)


I have always wanted to learn Indonesian, and this course got me to a level where I can understand whole sentences from songs and when I don't, I at least understand the sentence structure, and I'm not even half way through it. So yeah, even at this stage, this course still is something I'm really grateful for.


Absolutely correct. The mistakes here and there even ADD to the charm of the course. I have hardly been laughing this much on Duo.


I think that "this is not heart, but brains" should be accepted (as does my Indonesian wife)

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