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"His hobby is listening to music."


August 18, 2018



Why is 是 required in this case?


The structures of this sentence are similar in Chinese and English. Let's make an one-to-one translation here:

His - hobby - is - listening to - music.

他的 - 爱好 - 是 - 听 - 音乐

Therefore, if 是 is omitted, just like saying in English "His hobby listening to music."


听音乐是他的爱好 is incorrect?


i don't know if it is generally not a proper sentence or not, but it's asking you to translate it from a specific form from English, starting with "His hobby..." So you should start with "他的爱好 ...".


After all those previous lessons introducing 在 to use as a modifier for verbs to make something present continuous tense, now we have "listenING" and we don't need 在.

Honestly at this point I think the only obstacle for learning Chinese are bad English translations of proper Chinese sentences.


In this sentence, the "listening" os being used as infinitive, and not present continuous. Thus, you can't use "在“ here

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