"Celana ini sederhana."

Translation:These trousers are simple.

August 19, 2018

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Not really a sensible sentence. Do they mean "These trousers are plain"?


Do they mean "These trousers are plain"?

Yes, something like that, "plain", "modest" , "nothing special".

[deactivated user]

    I think its really up to how people personally think of 'simple' and 'modest'. Personally I see it as a positive great thing. Plain to me sounds negative tho. We both just interpret the word differently and its down to preference/personality for the context. A little known fact too that political allignments can be detected in how people structure sentences.


    Trousers are not supposed to be clever


    trousers or pants should be accepted as it means the same.


    i write pants and it is refuse


    I was thinking that these trousers are simple to sew, easy to assemble -- the sort of comment which might be made by friends over a cup of something.

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