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  5. "Saya makan stroberi manis."

"Saya makan stroberi manis."

Translation:I eat sweet strawberries.

August 19, 2018



Is I eat sweet strawberry, in the singular, correct?


Howcome the plural here isn't a repetition of the word? I understand that often it depends on the context, however, are there any rules?


Technically, it should be repetition: stroberi-stroberi.

But we rarely use plural form in daily conversations; whether you eat only one or eat a lot of strawberries, Indonesians just don't care. It's irrelevant for us. As you can see, Indonesians don't really pay attention to details.

So, when you eat 30 strawberries, just say: "Saya makan stroberi". That's enough information for us


suggested meaning of "manis" is "sweet, sweetened", therefore, a possible translation is "I eat sweetened strawberries"


suggested meaning of "manis" is "sweet, sweetened", therefore, a possible translation is "I eat sweetened strawberries"

Bahasa Indonesia uses a different phrase for sweetened stuff, "manisan".

"manis" (adjective) = sweet.
"manisan" (noun) = sweetened stuff.

(adjective) + (suffix -an) = noun.

Like this :
"Saya makan stroberi manis." = I eat sweet strawberries
"Saya makan manisan stroberi." = I eat sweetened strawberries


I was wrong when I wrote "I eat sweet strawberry". Is either plural or not okay? Or was I just wrong?


Can manis be used to describe someone? For example you are sweet kamu manis?


I think this "sweet" is specific to food tasting.


I'm so annoyed! I got it incorrect because of an s at the end!


I wrote the right answer why you said it's wrong


I wrote "i eat a sweet strawberry" - shouldn't this be correct? (I understand the plural is also correct)

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