"Assalamualaikum, selamat siang."

Translation:Greetings, good afternoon.

August 19, 2018

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I have mixed feelings about having Assalamualaikum used as a general way to express greetings. I have relatives in Indonesia who aren't Muslim and who would look at me funny if I used this word. There is a whole community of non-Muslim Indonesian speakers who do not use this word because they aren't Muslim.

On the other hand a lot of Muslims in Indonesia (close to 90% of Indonesians are Muslim) use this word in specific settings (it's not that prevalent in daily conversations). Therefore there's absolutely some value in putting it in the course yet it must be emphasized that it is not used everywhere and rarely used if you're not a Muslim.

I suggest it be put in a lesson with spiritual and religious words.


Great idea. As a Christian I must use shalom. I like knowing this word (and similar) but I shouldn’t use it in my context.


Joel Black as a Christian, "shalom" is not part of my vocabulary. This is strictly Jewish.


every Christian in indonesia...including me,when you go to a church or visit another Christian fellas you'd say shalom like every and that is hebrew language and not only used by a jews


What do you say "God" in your Bahasa Indonesia!?


"God" in Indonesian can be referred to as "Tuhan" or "Allah"


BTW, "Assalamualaikum" means "peace be upon you" and not "greetings"


That's waat I was taught too


I'm seriously considering giving up on the greetings module. I'm using this program to review my Indonesian before my next trip and thought it best to work my way through it from the start. The greetings module though has serious problems, with many interpretations which seem quite incorrect.

As well, I'm particularly concerned about the inclusion of "assalamualaikum" and "waalaikumsalam". Not because they are Arabic, since many Arabic words have been incorporated to expand the Bahasa Melayu which Bahasa Indonesia is based on (along with Dutch and English words). But because a non-native speaker will never have occasion to use these words. I've travelled all through Indonesia for many years and have never heard these words used at all. I don't doubt that they may be common between some Indonesians but, by their nature, they will never be used with a non-native speaker (with the obvious exception of an Arabic speaker, who will be familiar with them anyway).

There is thus simply no place for them in this course, and certainly not at this level. I wonder how many people have gotten to this point, come across these words, and decided not to proceed any further because of there difficulty and incongruity?


As a nonnative speaker who lived in Indonesia for two years, I heard and used Arabic greetings and expressions on a daily basis.


Sorry, I am a native Indonesian, though a nonmuslim, and no one greets good afternoon this way, unless you're trying to make things religious-specific, such as in speeches or in an event with lots of Muslims. I've been living for 20+ years here.

This is culturally a religious-specific saying and therefore Duolingo should've been more considerate to use a generally acknowledged formal greeting instead of this. No wonder anyone feels it's uncomfortable and awkward to use, even I don't find it appropriate to use.


No word better than this for greeting found in the world ," Peace be upon you ""

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It depends on the part of Indonesia you lived in. I bet you won't hear many Islamic greetings in Bali or in some of the Christian majority islands. Indeed, it would be weird saying Assalamualaikum to a Balinese Hindu.


Just because you have travelled for years in Indonesia doesn't mean it's not used daily. I lived and worked in Indonesia and hears it 5-10 times a day. Examples are when someonw walks into a shop or warung and is lookkng for the staff, or when you knock on a door to a house. It's not just used in a Mosque. Generally they would never say it to a foreigner unless they know they are a Muslim but for sure if you listen you can hear it constantly.

Whether it should be included is another thing. I've never actually had to say it myself, and never would be expected to say it. The only people that would need to say it are Muslims and surely they already know it.


I am probably being very naive here as a western woman who is learning some Indonesian absolutely for the opposite reasons than to offend. Because, I think it is respectful to try to converse or at least thank and greet people in their when I travel. The last thing one would want would be to offend someone. And yet I remember as a child speaking some Arabic to friends and they taught me this phrase and used it when I visited their home.


Selamat pagi, siang, sore, malam, tidur. "Siang" is said around midday, whereas "sore" is used in the afternoon. And there goes another heart


"Good afternoon" should definitely be "selamat sore", not "siang"!


When do i use salam ?? I mean has the word greetings two meanings ?

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    When you meet someone, you can say "Salam". You can also say "Salam kenal" which means "Nice to meet you".


    In indonesia, most people use assalamualaikum to greet each other (especially when they greet muslim fellows), but in formal occasions we tend to mix it like "assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera untuk kita semua, shalom, om swastiastu, namo buddaya*"

    *if i spell it right

    But if you're using it just to greet people directly in general, just say "selamat pagi/siang/sore/malam, salam, or halo/hai"

    Or if you know who you're talking to, calling his/her name to greet is enough (Example : "hai budi, halo bayu, etc.)


    I am Indonesian and I am Christian.. I have never used Assalamualaikum.. This greeting just for Muslim..


    It's very hard to say

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      A SA LAM WA LIE KOM (if you read it in English)


      Your best bet is to say it slowly, once you get the hang of it, it'll roll of the tongue!


      Everyone here is talking about how it's a muslim greeting and all that- But I'm here getting this question wrong every time because I cannot spell it :(


      It does accept good day now as that's what I put


      It didn't just now.. end of 2019


      As a person who travelled the country across and spoke to locals on daily basis for half a year, never heard the assa-sth word. I'm in the group to include it in 'religious' as it seems to have such origins. (+ I was thought a language in Indonesia on non Muslim university..)


      I feel that the spelling for assalamualeikum should be a lot more lenient than it currently is. I know what it means, I can say it, I can read it, but I can't 100% accurately spell it.

      It's similar to words like "neccesary", "comunicate" and "Mississippi". All are spelled wrong but you know exactly what I mean.

      The existence of multiple forms in Arabic, multiple translated spellings in English (and other languages) plus it being twice as long as the average word, make it very hard to memorize how DuoLingo prefers to spell it.



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        Wa alaikum salam.


        Assalamualaikum is an Arabic word not Indonesian, even my wife she is from Java confirmed it...

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          So there are many non-melayu words in Indonesian from Arab, Portugues, Dutch language.

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            Good morning should be accepted as a valid answer, as it could be before noon.


            Now I know it. They insert Assalamualaikum and Waasalaikumsalam on Greetings because all of the countributors is all Islamic. There is A LOT of Islamic person In Indonesia. Can't complain. I must learn it. I wont remember Assalamualaikum and Waalaikumsalam because I'm not Islamic. It doesnt make sense. It's for Arab, not for Indonesia. IT'S WRONG. IT MUST BE REMOVED!

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              Whether you use it or not, you must know about it. There is not way to escape to this phrase in Indonesia. Just deal with it.

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                It is in the dictionary. Please reconsider your request.


                "Assalamualaikum" from Arabic which in Indonesian is "Salam sejahtera" which in English is "best wishes"


                Waalaikum salam ya akhi/ukhti


                Ini bukan bahasa Indonesia

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                  Kata ini ada di Kamus Bahasa Indonesia.


                  Yes, I am annoyed with usage of the arabic phrase, I it is removed from the database.

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                    Whether you use it or not, you must know about it. There is not way to escape to this phrase in Indonesia. Just deal with it.

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                      And it is not even a religious phrase, because it is in Arab, and in this language it is used by people of other religions other than Islam.


                      The Indonesian Duolingo is so messed up, shouldn't use Duolingo to learn this particular language. It's a shame that Duolingo would allow this. Too many mistakes and weird sentences, and btw assalamualaikum is not Indonesian, it's Arabic.

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                        The mistake would be not to teach it. It does not matter if the phrase is in Arabic, it is an ubiquitous phrase that you will hear wherever you go provided there are Muslims.

                        It has its own entry in the Indonesian dictionaries, so I guess IT IS PART OF THE LANGUAGE.

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                          I have lived in a village in Indonesia where 100% of the people were Muslims, and I was the only one non-Muslim bule, and I have always said Assalamualaikum when I arrived to a house, and said Mualaikum salam when greeting back and no one ever EVER looked funny at me. I have always been treated with respect and treated like one of them.

                          JUST CHILAX. If you don't want to use it not body will force you to. But requesting it to be removed from the lessons is ridiculous. IT IS PART OF THE DAY TO DAY LANGUAGE for great part of the country.

                          BTW, it has its own entry in the dictionary.

                          assalamualaikum (A) peace be with/unto you; the usual Muslim greeting; the answer is: wa alaikum salam. – warahmatullahi wabarakatuh peace be with/unto you and may God bestow on you His Mercy and Blessings (a greeting).

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                            As-salamu alaykum is a greeting in Arabic that means "Peace be upon you". The salam is a religious salutation among Muslims when greeting, though it is also used by Arabic speakers of other religions, such as Arab Christians, as well as by Pakistanis who speak Hindi-Urdu (they only use the word salám as a greeting rather than the full Arabic phrase).


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                              Expecting to remove Assalamualaikum because it is a "Muslim" phrase it would be the same as expecting to remove "Hai" because it is a "Christian" phrase.

                              Arabic is a language, not a religion. And Assalamualaikum is used in Arab speaking countries by non-muslim people, since the language predates Islam.

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                                For everyone complaining about excluding this word from the Duolingo course, I will tell you that these are officially recognized words by KBBI (the oficcial dictionary of the Indonesian language)

                                https://kbbi.kemdikbud.go.id/entri/asalamualaikum https://kbbi.kemdikbud.go.id/entri/alaikum%20salam


                                Wait wait this is not Indonesian. They mixed it with Arabic.

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                                  Literally thousands of words are borrow from Arabic in Indonesian.


                                  Harusnya bhs indonesianya "salam" saja lebih umum drpda "assalamu'alaikum"..


                                  Aside from all the trollingy here.. Assalamualaikum and waalaikum salam is ARABIC and should not be in an Indonesian course! Doesn't matter if muslims around the world use it or if black cats walk backwards.. it's not indonesian words. My indonesian wife, was confused why I have to learn those two words..


                                  Kenapa tidak ada bahasa arab untuk penutur indonesia


                                  thanks Duolingo for the Indonesian language that taught me Arabic

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