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Write Chinese characters instead of word bank in iOS app


I'm mainly using the iOS app for learning but it seems that in the iOS app, there is no way to actually type the Chinese (like the English) answers. One can only choose from the sentence segments. If I study through the website, I can choose between writing the characters with a pinyin keyboard on Win/Mac or choose to use the sentence segments.

Does anybody know whether or when it is possible to type characters in the iOS app?

IMHO typing characters is much more challenging than just choosing the sentence segments...

August 19, 2018



There is no way to type Chinese in the iOS app, so far as I am aware. It would be nice if DL could make the app more like the website in this respect, particularly as mobile devices often offer handwriting input for Chinese, which I'm sure some users would appreciate.


I don't have an iPhone, but this might be worth a try. How do I enable Chinese writing on my iPhone? To enable Chinese Handwriting Input keyboard in Iphone, go to 'Setting', followed by 'General' and 'Keyboard', then add Chinese Handwriting. Click the 'Globe' to switch keyboard from English to Chinese and vice versa. The Chinese keyboard will suggest the characters as you writing the strokes.


Just enable chinese typing on your phone


I think... not with my phone rn and haven't messed with Chinese much on Duolingo so idek


On mobile device, typing Chinese characters is not available.


It is if you do the website on your mobile device instead of the app. Then you can use the pinyin to Chinese character keyboard on iOS. That's what I did.


Congratulations on the 25 in Chinese by the way!


I actually just see in the Spanish course that the input keyboard is changing between English and Spanish depending on what language one has to put it. That would be great for chinese as well - besides the option to type at all haha


Hi, I am using the Iphone SE with iOS 12.01. Till the level 16 the wordbank was offered. From the level 17 the app insists on using the Chinese characters. I have the Chinese keybord - simplified Pchinying instaled. For using the Chinese keyboard is for me really complicated (you write in pinyin and the Chinese characters appear and you can chose from them), I would welcomed the opposite advice - how to use the wordbank instead the Chinese characters.... I don´t want to give up with the Chinese keyboard thou. Thanks in advance ;-)


That would be great news - at least for me;) I'm just level 13 at the moment, so I'll push to 16 haha

I understand that it is somehow troublesome to use the Chinese keyboard but at least for me, the active typing and active choosing of the right characters is a very important step to actually learn Chinese. Using the wordbank I always feel a bit like "cheating".

Furthermore, using the keyboard actually enables you to really communicate/write in Chinese.

Technically, I do think Duolingo should give the option to either use wordbank or keyboard. The wordbank is certainly much faster and I assume the keyboard to be annoying for those repetitive lessons... haha

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