"Pakaianmu tidak sesuai."

Translation:Your clothes are not appropriate.

August 19, 2018

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Could this also mean that your clothes do not fit?


To second James could this also mean "Your clothes don't fit?" or "Your clothes don't match?"


I would like to know as well


Yes I wondered if it could mean 'your clothes don't match'?

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    It accepted that as my answer


    It didn't accept your clothes are not matching


    Like the others here, my question also is why “Your clothes do not match” is wrong? Could a native speaker or the moderator provide some help please?


    (1) "Pakaianmu tidak sesuai" means: "Cara berpakaian Anda tidak pantas". In English, it is "Too Showy", "Too Open, Not Covering some Part of our Body enough", "Too Tight, The Curves of the Body are Visible", "Baywatch", and so on. I couldn't explain this further.

    Or ...

    (2) The sentence can also mean, for example, it's said by our parents when everyone wears neat-clean or formal clothes in some events while we use only old or kasual clothes. Our clothes have covered our body, but are unlike the others, or not worth enough compared to others.


    I'm not native, but I'm seeing a pattern where "sesuai" is followed by "dengan." This might produce the "your clothes don't match" concept. Please confirm!


    When meaning "matching" or "approriate", can "sesuai" be used to describe other things as well as opposed to only clothes?


    "Sesuai" has many ttanslations; the only way to figure out which is appropriate is through context. And in Duolingo, learners have no context. The lack of context is the biggest pedagogical issue in Duo.


    'Your clothes do not match' got me wrong answer.

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    Someone from Aceh would probably say this!


    This word will be among the most frequent from Grab delivery guys (sesuai aplikasi).

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