"Berapa jumlah sepatumu?"

Translation:How many shoes do you have?

August 19, 2018

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You could say “How many shoes do you have?” That would be more natural in English.


I think they changed it to become that- Lol


The question actually asks: "In total how many shoes do you have?"


What is the number of your shoes?


Is jumlah essential to the context here - surely Berapa sepatumu? Is fine?


yes and no... if it was in Indonesia and their was context this would be completely fine as they try and use the least words possibly normally.

you could also say berapa sepatumu punya 'how many shoes you have'

If you said berapa sepatumu, and they didn't understand, you may hear 'jumlah' asked back to clarify or 'saya punya' for 'i have?'

this sentence is not very good in my opinion, Jumlah is not used very much in normal Indonesian day to day, only really used when you or an Indonesian person is clarifying if there is confusion and commonly the word jumlahnya 'the total" may be heard if they are confused about if you want to pay for everything or if you are paying for multiple people for example it may be used instead of 'harganya' (the price is). at least that was my experience spending a few months there.

however i found 'semua' for all is used alot instead of the above as well.

not sure if that was helpful haha,


Thanks Brandon. Interesting point about the context. I spent 6 weeks there and used to speak a little too and it is that minimilism I love about the language


I said "how many shoes do you have" and it was accepted.


what is the sum of your shoes was wrong I feel it should be correct


I don't understand why punya is not used here?


Literally, it’s close to “what’s the total of your shoes?” but in english we’d say “how many shoes do you have?”


At first glance, I thought this sentence "Berapa jumlah sepatumu?" was asking how much was the amount (of money) I paid for my shoes.


what would be the translation for “a pair of shoes”? It feels a little unusual to me to say that I had for instance 6 shoes instead of 3 pairs of shoes .


"What is the number of shoes you've" blew my mind


"How many are your shoes" is also accepted.


Is berapa banyak possible instead of berapa jumlah?


What's the total number of your shoes

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