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  5. "tlhInganpu' yaj mara."

"tlhInganpu' yaj mara."

Translation:Mara understood the Klingons.

August 19, 2018



Dear students who are constantly marking this sentence as "Unnatural or has an error,"

As it is your first day learning Klingon, and you are coming from a language that puts the subject first and requires tense marking on almost all verbs, the word order and lack of tense will seem unnatural. That is not what the "sentence is unnatural" choice is for. There is not an error. The words are supposed to be in that order. Read the tips and notes or ask a question.

If you truly believe a sentence to be unnatural or erroneous, tell us why here in the comments. Maybe we'll agree with you if you can make a case. Otherwise we just delete your complaint as unsubstantiated.

love, Qov


I'm new to Klingon so apologies if this is a "Duh"? question. If we wanted to distinguish that Mara understood the "Klingon language" rather than "the Klingons", how would we achieve that? Would it be understood in context or would we have to specify the word for language by adding Hol such as "tlhIngan Hol yaj mara"? OR would we simply say, "tlhIngan yaj mara"?


As you speculate, Hol would be requied if you are talking about "the language of Klingons" rather than "the Klingons" themselves.


Thanks for the clarification and for your quick reply!


How would 'the klingons understand Mara' translate?


mara luyaj tlhInganpu’

The basic word order is the same (object–verb–subject) but you need the lu- verb prefix now to mark “subject is plural, object is singular”.

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