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  5. "Kubis ini hijau."

"Kubis ini hijau."

Translation:This cabbage is green.

August 19, 2018



I thought kol was the common word for cabbage


If you go to ANY supermarket in Indonesia, it is all labeled kol. My wife is Indonesian, and she did not recognize the word kubis. This is some obscure point that the course writer is trying to make.


why is lettuce wrong?


I think lettuce is selada. It's a different plant (although probably somewhat related). Cabbage has tougher leaves and they are tightly packed in a rough sphere. Lettuce has softer, greener leaves and they are rather loose (and not as numerous). Both plants have leaves stemming from a central... Stem :))


Cabbage and lettuce are not closely related. Cabbage is a brassica and is closely related to kale, broccoli, cauliflower, kol rabi etc. Lettuce is an asteracid (in the daisy family of plants)


Kol is cabbage. Yesterday I bought kol putih in the supermarket.

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