"Dia diduga menjadi pengacara oleh hakim."

Translation:He is suspected of becoming a lawyer by a judge.

August 19, 2018

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Both the Indonesian and English are a bit odd but the point of the exercise (and many others here) is to understand the grammar involved. Still, Indonesians do tend to use the passive voice (di~) quite a lot and drop articles, which makes for odd English translations. But that's a cultural phenomenon not a grammatical one.


Yes, the course has some nice, fun sentences - but this one is just strange, and no matter how you twist it it doesn't have a fluid translation into English

I would change / remove it.


I woukd also suggest changing it. The neaning distracts frim understanding the structure. Change pengacara to pencuri.


Maybe judges think that lawyers are crooks :p

(I think TedMejiro's idea is a very good one. That would make a ton more sense)


I wonder if "he is suspected of becoming a lawyer by a/the judge." could be added?


Agree with antspants. Lawyer requires the indefinite article, and judge requires either definite (if the particular judge is known) or indefinite (if the fact of this judge's suspicions, but not the judge's identity, is known).


Well, now it's "He is suspected of becoming a lawyer by a judge." Thanks to the DL team for being responsive, and it's grammatically correct; but it still seems off somehow. Is it me? Is it lack of context? Or could it be improved still further?


No. it's because he is such a jerk that the Judge will be afraid if they're gonna see and work with each other inside Court in the future, hehe~


I think the word 'suspected' is strange in this context.


Horrific English again. It seems that whoever created these Indonesian exercises does not speak very good English.


It really doesn't make sense in English


A better translation would be 'he is suspected of being a lawyer by the judge'. Become is just future tense of be, and Bahasa doesn't do tenses the same way English does.


I wonder if "he is suspected of becoming a lawyer by a/the judge." could be added?


This is a very strange sentence and completely useless.


This sentence is ridicilous.


'expected' rather than 'suspected' seems to fit better.


An odd sentence in English. May be this is what is intended: "He is expected to become a lawyer by a judge:.


I just lost my last heart because of this weird sentence. I used "assumed" instead of "suspected". In this sentence the the person requires to have a bad intent


Nama dia Tono.

Poor fellow! What ever we believe he’s up to, we suspect

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